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MAHALEARNING EDUCATION provides Learning Management System (LMS), curriculum based teaching and learning solutions which comprises of four pillars of education namely Class Sessions, E-Books, Virtual Lab and Assessments catering to various boards (like CBSE, IGCSE, ICSE, State Board). Animated lessons, instantaneously evaluated automated questions, instant and automated guidance of correct answers for wrong answers, various types of questions (like quiz, multiple choice, true or false, match the following, fill in blanks, drop downs), points to remember, highlighting tools, notes manager help the student not just better his academic performance, but also help him understand the concepts as he does so while propelling and intuiting the concept of self learning

Learning Management System has an enormous quantity of built in Question Bank, and features like Question bank creation, grouping based on categories and cognitive specific to Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) patterns.

The content is readily available for all subjects catering from grade K1 to grade 12 with a few exceptions for which quality control cycle is ongoing. The same contents will be made available at the earliest point of time and the same will be delivered to the registered or valid users of our product line.